AI 1200 Atomic Absorption Spectrometer

Thanks to its large number of customizable options, the AI 1200 Atomic Absorption Spectrometer is also the most versatile spectrometer on the market today. What started out as a good idea has developed into a remarkable analytical instrument.

In an industry that is becoming increasingly specialized, it is easy to recognize the advantages of an analytical instrument that offers so many possibilities in such a small space. We invite you to take a look at what the AI 1200 AAS has to offer in providing an analytical solutions to your elemental analysis needs:

Switchable Single/Double Beam Optics Automatic, single-click switching allows choice between Single Beam or True Double Beam optics to suit your elemental analysis application.

Automatic Switch Between Flame, GF Atomizer The manual or motorized platform positions the flame and graphite furnace atomizers, enabling a quick switch between the different atomizers.

Transversely Heated GF Tube Unique, compact design allows virtually isothermal atomization conditions both spatially and temporally for highly sensitive, yet dependable, reproducible results .

High Heating Rate Industry leading rapid heating rate ensures that minimal time is required to achieve ideal atomization conditions.

Inert Teflon Nebulizer Chamber Chemically inert, to provide protection against corrosive reagents and organic solvents.

Universal XYZ Autosampler One autosampler compatible with all types of atomizer: Flame, GF or VG.

Auto-aligned coded 5 lamp turret Motorized and computer controlled to make 5 pre-heated lamps available to the user with a single click of a mouse.

On-Line Dilution Offers the convenience of creating a calibration curve from a single standard solution and brings out-of-range solutions to within calibration range.

Small Footprint Dimensions: W 65 x D 55 x H 37 cm.