AI 3200 Atomic Fluorescence Spectrometer

The AI 3200 Atomic Fluorescence Spectrometer offers a unique vapor generation for enhanced sensitivities, reduced interference with ppt detection limits for mercury analysis, As, Cd, Zn, and other hydride forming elements.

It is ideally suited for clinical, environmental, agricultural, geological, metallurgical, pharmaceutical and petrochemical sectors.

Methodology With an increase in environmental protection awareness, regulatory agencies are now requiring much more stringent standards for Mercury and other elements found in the environment. At Aurora, we develop instruments to follow these methods and standards and are compliant with EPA and British Standard Institutes Method.

EPA Methods Method 1631: Guidelines Establishing Test Procedures for the Analysis of Pollutants; Measurement of Mercury in Water.

EPA 245.1 Mercury (Manual Cold Vapor Technique)

EPA 245.7 - Mercury in Water by Cold Vapor Atomic Fluorescence SpectrometryThese Methods can be available on EPA website in pdf form.

British Standards Institute Methods CEN 13506 - Water quality. Determination of mercury by atomic fluorescence spectrometry


Clinical Blood, urine, tissue, nail, hair Pb, Hg, As, Sb, Bi, Ge, Se.

EnvironmentalSoil, sludge, water (waste, surface, potable)Cd, Hg, Pb, Zn, total As, Sb and Se and with the addition of appropriate modifiers, individual species concentrations of: As (III), As (IV), Sb(III), Sb(V), Se(IV), Se(VI).

Agricultural Dairy, wine, feed, meat, cigarettes, and produce As, Hg, Pb, Sb, Se.

Geological and Metallurgical raw Ores, rock, minerals, refined metals, mine tailings Ge, Hg, Se, As in the presence of Sb, Se and Te in the presence of Cu.

Pharmaceutical Active ingredients, binders and fillers Hg, Pb, As, Se.

Petrochemical refined Fuels, lubricating oils, crude oil, polymers.