AI 500 Atomic Absorption Spectrometer

The AI 500 Flame Atomic Absorption Spectrometer is ideal for a high performance, low cost routine element analysis. Since the AI 500 is a simple to use analytical instrument, it meets a wide range of applications across many analytical sectors. It finds a home supplying analytical advantages in the Chemical, Environmental, Mining, Metallurgical, Pharmaceutical, Energy, Agricultural, Manufacturing and Utilities industries. This low cost, high performance analytical instrument incorporates many of the features of the AI 1200 but at a cost effective value for your elemental analysis needs.

Safety As one of the safest AAS systems on the market, the AI 500 incorporates a wide variety of safety interlocks as standard features for maximum protection of the operator and compliance with lab safety regulations. These include:

1. Automatic detection of burner head type and correct fit.

2. Gas pressure and flame sensors.

3. Automatic shut down of gases in case of power supply interruption.

Convenient Automatically aligned 5-lamp turret, each with its own independent power supply.

Flexible Quick Switch from single beam to electronic double beam with a narrow optical design for flame AA

Ease of Use Our AISPEC™ software is an exceptionally well-designed Windows© based software package that allows you to multi-task within the Window's environment. It is easy to operate, as it provides a working background already familiar to virtually all users. This program is designed to automatically generate calibration curves based on the standard solutions analyzed and operate within an MS Excel format, thereby minimizing statistical and graphical analysis time.

Depth Wavelength Scanning feature allows the operator to zoom into any section of the wavelength and transfer this "optimized" range to the present method.

Compact Design A Small footprint with dimensions of W 65 cm, D 55cm and H 37cm.